We Have A Situation…

And We Need Your Help…

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Earlier this evening, PAWS received an urgent call for help from Tipton County Animal Control. 25 dogs have been left behind at an abandoned house with limited food and water. The dogs were originally brought to the property of a person with the best of intentions, who got in over their head and has recently lost their home. These dogs, were once “rescued” and find themselves facing likely euthanasia if we don’t act fast. Even worse, Tipton County Animal Control will be forced to euthanize many dogs currently at their facility to make room for this large group. The shelter has 35 runs and only 2 of those cages are available.

To prevent lives from being lost, we are asking for your help. Volunteers in Tennessee are frantically doing everything they can to make room for the 25 dogs. However, these families already have one, two, even three foster dogs in their care. We need New England volunteers to take in foster dogs from our Tennessee volunteers to make room for this new group. And we need people to act quickly.

I need a foster home! Click here for more info..

To learn which dogs are in need of foster, please visit our petfinder link here. Any dog that does not have “I’m local” listed next to their name, is a dog in need of foster care in New England. You will quickly see that we have large numbers of puppies, small dogs, pure breds, and amazing family dogs in need of foster. We know that there is a dog on our website that would be an excellent fit for your home. If you interested in learning more about our foster program, please click here.

Additionally, we have our largest adoption event of the year coming up on March 31st at John Gagnon’s Pet Resort from 11am-3pm. Right now is the best time of the year to take in a foster as they will get exposure to potential adoptive families during the up-coming event!

Please, consider helping us by opening up your home to a dog in need. And if you can’t help- please pass this email along to friends, family, and colleagues. Networking saves lives!

We will continue to update our supporters about this situation as it unfolds. PAWS volunteers will be working around the clock to do everything in our power for these animals. We are endlessly grateful for your unwavering support!

Want to help PAWS in our life-saving work? Donate, adopt, or volunteer your time.