We Ride Again

10612901_573533652751157_7056880974744947345_nTwo days ago, our friends at Tipton found themselves in a desperate state. All kennels were full and partner rescue groups were unable to help. The shelter had avoided having to euthanize for space for almost three months, and mass euthanasia looked almost inevitable. The beautiful, nameless dog in this picture is expecting puppies- she is just one of the many dogs at Tipton right now with an uncertain future. This video plea from the ground struck a cord in all of us…

Volunteers Loren McCaghy and Kim Allard (known to many of you as “Dunkin Dude” and “The Scarecrow”) were so tormented by the idea that these lives would be so prematurely and tragically ended, they made a heroic decision. They resolved to drive all the way to TN and return with a car full of dogs that were in local foster homes, thus making space for the dogs on death row.

With the promise of help on the way, yesterday came and went with no euthanasia. Tomorrow, Loren and Kim leave to start their 2,500 mile drive to TN and back. As we frantically try to arrange for a mass influx of dogs to come North, we realize that this will only be successful with the help of our entire PAWS New England network of supporters. So we are reaching out to you to help us keep Tipton’s No-Kill trend alive!

  • FOSTER: Learn more about fostering by clicking on this link. With so many new dogs coming up and only 60 active foster homes in our network, we need you now more than ever.
  • DONATE: Vetting costs over the next few weeks will skyrocket as we care for the mass influx of dogs into our program. We are hoping to raise two dollars for each mile traveled… With a round trip of 2,500 miles our goal is $5,000. Please be a hero to one of these dogs by clicking this link to donate.

We hope you will make a commitment to help by donating or becoming a foster. As a volunteer, it is so heartbreaking to walk into a shelter and stare into the eyes of the dogs who face euthanasia. Please help give us the tools we need to get these dogs out and into wonderful homes and follow along as this incredible trip unfolds!

Many thanks!
Dunkin Dude, The Scarecrow, &
Pups and Volunteers at PAWS New England

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