Wellness Foods Gives “Freedom” 4th of July Independence!


In rescue, there is nothing worse than not being able to help an injured animal. “Freedom” arrived to Tipton County Animal Control on the 4th of July with a broken leg, wincing in pain. Summer is the worst time of the year for animal rescue finances as we manage an upswing in intakes from “puppy season” and a near cessation of donations while many donors are away on holiday. The PAWS New England bank account was already depleted from multiple special needs cases that had come in over the previous weeks.

Thankfully, for Freedom, a miracle happened. Chanda Leary from Wellness Natural Pet Foods had contacted PAWS New England a few weeks before asking “how can Wellness help the PAWS New England mission?” The company generously donated a thousand dollars towards the upcoming Matching Campaign. Hearing that there was a dog in trouble, Chanda immediately transferred the funds early to ensure that Freedom could get the care that she needed. Had it not been for this donation from Wellness Natural Pet Foods, Freedom would have been left alone in a cold shelter without pain medication or veterinary care. To PAWS, the Wellness Company and Chanda Leary are heroes!

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Immediately after we learned of this tremendous act of kindness, PAWS volunteers Anita Shea and Janice Pilkington sprung into action. Anita rushed to the shelter and to pick up Freedom. This video was perhaps one of the funniest we have ever seen! Anita captured Freedom honking the car horn just as they were ready to pull out of the parking lot!

Freedom went to the emergency veterinary clinic where she received pain medication, a shiny yellow cast, and underwent X-rays. The X-rays revealed a compound fracture of the humerus that will need extensive surgery. We also learned that Freedom was heartworm positive :(

Per her foster Mom Anita Shea, Freedom is “one in a million.” She has an amazing temperament despite everything she has been through. She loves being on the couch (and the bed!) and gives the most gentle kisses to Anita and her family. Freedom seems to recognize that she has been saved and tolerates all the exams, bloodwork, and hobbling around without so much as a whimper.


Freedom has a long road ahead of her. She will have her surgery this week and likely need 4-6 weeks to recover. When she recovers, she will start her heartworm treatment. That is a lot for a dog that is only 26lbs and under a year old- but Freedom has the spirit to survive. And she has the backing of both PAWS New England and Wellness Natural Pet Foods! With a team like that- success is guaranteed!


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