Why PAWS Never Gave Up on Monty…..

The hearts of the entire PAWS community broke when we first met Monty- a young pit bull who had been hit by a car. The accident left Monty with a compound fracture of his femur and ultimately rendered him an amputee with bladder and bowel incontinence. Many believed that Monty should be euthanized. They argued that it was difficult enough to find any “normal” pit bull a home and that Monty’s special needs made him “unadoptable.”

The volunteers at PAWS simply would not accept this as an option for Monty. He had a magnetic personality that ingratiated him towards everyone who met him. He was not in pain after his amputation and the folks at PAWS do not believe incontinence should be a death sentence for any dog. Admittedly, the adoption coordinators for Monty were a little overwhelmed when charged with the task of finding this boy a home, but they never waivered.

The courage and perseverance demonstrated by both Monty and the volunteers paid off in the end. Monty spent four wonderful weeks in PAWS foster care in New England and eventually found a loving new Mom who thinks he is the best thing on three legs. Monty is now a beloved family member who gets to sleep in bed and snuggle every day. He gets plenty of exercise and does not let his disability slow him down. PAWS volunteers are constantly stopping by his new home to check in on one of their most favorite dogs and he always greats them with enthusiastic puppy kisses. Monty is a reminder that dogs with special needs deserve a chance too. PAWS hopes to be back up and running soon so we can continue to grant these brave souls a chance at love.

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