Why PAWS Never Gives Up….

I’m sure by now all of you have heard or read this story of Lilly’s amazing rescue after being lost for 262 days! The volunteers at PAWS are jubilant as all four of our missing pups are now home and safe!

PAWS New England never gives up on our dogs. Many of you will remember the story of Annie who was lost for six weeks. Or the story of Nicky who was lost for 47 days. Or the story of Bentley who survived 7 months in the cold Rhode Island winter before he was caught just a few weeks ago himself. It almost took one year to get all of these dogs home, but PAWS refuses to give up until we know our dogs are safe!

In total PAWS has spent $4,562.35 to return these dogs to their home. We have used the money to make posters, to buy humane traps, to buy trail cameras, to send out Pet Harbor post cards, to make Find Toto phone calls, and most importantly to hire the amazing Steve Hagey with USA Detect a Pet. If you believe in our mission and our commitment to take care of our dogs regardless of the cost, I’m hoping you will consider making a small donation towards PAWS New England. We can only continue our great work with your help….


A huge thank you to everyone involved in these rescues. All of us at PAWS will sleep better at night knowing these amazing creatures are home and safe..

Many, many thanks,

The Pups and Volunteers at PAWS New England

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