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Yoddy’s happy tail, shared by his new owner, Kathie:

Hi Joanne,

I just wanted to let you know how things are going and send a picture of my boys, Yoda is doing fantastic he has the greatest personality I have ever seen in a dog. He is so funny playing with his toys and Bambinos ears(he thinks they are squeak toys, but Bambino loves him as much as you will see in the photos attached. David and I looked at each other the other day and said how lucky we were to have such good dogs. Yoddy is a little timid when other people come over but he is getting used to it. We had 20 people over for Thanksgiving and it only took about 5 minutes fro him to get used to them all,he jumped from lap to lap licking faces or getting a toy so they could play with him. I cannot thank you enough for him he has brought a new joy to David and I. Bambino thanks you also he has never been so active.


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